freelance writer working on her laptop while sitting in coffee shop

Approach to Writing

I’m a people watcher and observer of life.  I can get lost in a crowded place.  Not from losing sense of direction, but losing myself in my imagination as I create stories about the people I’m observing and their interactions with the world.  I’m a big believer in journals and writing things down as soon as I think them, especially when it comes to character development and plotting.  I’m always asking myself questions: What is that person doing?  What is their motivation?  Why did they just do that?  What if…?

Favorite Tools of the Trade

Everyone has their favorite things they use.  Whether you are chopping vegetables with your favorite knife, running in your favorite shoes, slouching on the couch in your favorite sweatpants.  Here are some of mine for writing.

A black journal with a pen rests over an open paper notebook on an old wooden chair.

Journal. Paper. Pen.

The Basics

I’m a traditionalist.  Paper and pen are my go to’s.

MacBook Pro Retina with OLED touch bar in a geek creative room showcasing new professional laptop

Macbook Pro


I’m an Apple enthusiast.  A throw back to my IT days.  In my former line of work, Macs helped keep things more streamlined and secure.

Book stack with e-reader

Reading. Always Reading.

Learn. Escape. Dream.

To be a writer, you have to be a reader.  And a student of the craft.  Most of what I read is still paper.  But I also have a large digital collection on iBooks and Kindle.

Next Steps...

If you’ve gotten this far, you must head on over to my Books section and see what I’m working on.

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