Novel / Thriller


Just as mixed media artist Allyson Marta is on track to get her life together following a lifelong struggle with mental illness, she is hit with the news that her twin sister Andrea is missing.

When Andrea’s famous co-worker Roger Wotke, of the wildly popular The Caretaker horror movie franchise, also disappears, Allyson is forced to choose between her recovery and helping to solve the mystery behind the disappearances.

Allyson’s sense of obligation plunges her into the dark and twisted world of what people find entertaining, where she’ll face the demons of her past and even more shocking horrors of her present.

Novel / Mystery


Acquitted of her husband’s brutal murder, former renowned chef Rose Gilroy nee Sullivan seeks a fresh start in a new town and the possibility of finding love again with local real estate developer Cain Hawkings. That is, until people connected with her prosecution start dying, and startling information is uncovered, threatening to take away everything she has worked so hard to rebuild, including her freedom.