Confession sign

Short Story / May 2024

The Silence Between Us

Nathan has a secret he’s been hiding from his wife, Sarah. Sarah, a woman grappling with a drinking problem that has strained their relationship, is at her wit's end with Nathan’s mysterious conduct. She’s on the verge of walking out if he doesn’t start communicating. More than that, he needs to make sense of his actions. Nathan must confess the reason behind the perpetually open blinds and his escalating paranoia.

Genre: Thriller/Mystery

Length: Flash approx 1000 words

To: Mom

Short Story / May 2018

Mother's Day

On the cusp of Mother's Day, an adult reflects on their unique upbringing after being left at a safe haven as a newborn by a man dressed as Obi-Wan Kenobi. Navigating through various foster homes, they eventually achieve independence and success as the owner of an ad agency, yet grapple with complex feelings towards the mother they never knew. Amidst societal pressures around Mother's Day, they confront their notions of motherhood, attachment, and identity.

Genre: Literary Fic

Length: Flash 1000 words

In the Pursuit of Justice

Short Story / September 2017

In the Pursuit of Justice

Young attorney Danny Columbetti wants to be a God, just like his idol, the infamous Samuel Carlton.  But when one of his Public Defense clients is unfairly sentenced, he is put on a path that changes his view about how attorneys shape society and what Justice really means to those who can't help themselves.

Genre: Legal

Length: Approx 4500 words

Short Story WYWH

Short Story / October 2017

Wish You Were Here

Want to get away?  The poster made the place seem like a dream.  A married couple needing a place to reconnect and recharge from the pressures of daily life, decide on a whim, to take what seemed like the trip of a lifetime.  It was.  For one of them.

Genre: Thriller, Mystery

Length: Approx. 1000 Words

Sweatshop Boys

Short Story / November 2017

Sweatshop Boys

A story found too often in the headlines. A group of Bangladeshi boys, caught in life circumstances and being forced to work in an unsafe sweatshop.  When their situation turns deadly, one of them is brave enough to step forward and lead them.  Will his leadership lead them out of danger or into even more?

Genre: Suspense

Length: Approx. 1000 Words

flower shop

Short Story / December 2017

The Day I Chose To Live

A small town man, living in all too familiar circumstances of the lower middle-class, finds himself at rock bottom.  When an unusual choice is presented to help him turn his life around, he accepts not knowing or not caring about the costs it might mean for him.

Genre: Ghost

Length: Approx. 1200 Words

Outdoor Concert

Short Story / January 2018

No Reservations

The mysterious Rose attends an outdoor concert with her younger sister Lily.  It's a chance for her to get out of the house and let loose a little.  Rose is left alone to enjoy the music, and maybe hook up with one of the many hot single guys on the prowl.  Mistaking Rose as his date for the evening, Real Estate tycoon and owner of the establishment, Cain Hawkings, may have crossed boundaries that will leave him in a vulnerable position.  Not suited for those under 16.

Genre: Romance

Length: Approx. 1500 Words

The Trouble with Clover

Short Story / February 2018

The Trouble with Clover

Aging farmer, Torre Smith, thought he was content living out his days on his farm passed down for generations. That is until one morning while walking the perimeter of his property, as he always does, he discovers, quite by accident, the largest four-leaf clover he has ever seen.  With a change in perspective, Torre is faced with the biggest decision of his life.

Genre: Fantasy

Length: Approx. 3100 Words