I love music.  I love reading.  When I have to drive out of the city for anything, I’m either listening to music or an audiobook.  Or depending on the length of the drive, Both! If you don’t know about Chicago traffic, it’s nightmarish.  On par with L.A. and any other big city.  But somehow, I think it’s worse because it shouldn’t take 2 hours to drive 30 miles.  The design of the highways here are ludicrous.  And I do have a fair perspective, having lived in New York, and the west coast for years.

Anyway, sometimes music and books don’t cut it.  I need more.  And that’s when I turn to podcasts.  I listen to podcasts not only while driving, but while at the gym, traveling, and any long activity that doesn’t require my active participation.  The only time I don’t listen to anything is when I’m out in nature, like walking in a preserve or hiking in the open air.  Then, I like to listen to actual nature.

Yesterday, I had to drive out to the suburbs for a meeting and it took forever.  I had the opportunity to listen to four podcasts on my journey, plus some music and news radio.  I actually think it took longer to drive back and forth, then the meeting took.  And unfortunately, it was in a place where train service was unavailable.

But that time got me thinking about today’s post.  So, thank you universe for the inspiration.  Here are my top 9 podcasts that you should give a listen.

1. Myths & Legends by Jason Weiser

This one is cool because it’s not heavy or controversial.  Just some discussion on myths and legends you grew up hearing.  Some are surprising because the information conflicts or changes the way you’ve heard it before.  As a writer, I like listening to this for thematic inspiration.  There’s always a lesson with Myths & Legends.

2. Fictional by Jason Weiser and Carissa Weiser.

This is a new one by Jason, but so far I’m loving it.  He has such a great voice, like he was born to be a broadcaster.  They read classic stories, sort of like an audiobook.  But it’s so much more.  Give it a listen to see for yourself.

3. #amwriting by Jess & KJ.

I use this hashtag all the time.  These gals are funny, full of advice, and honestly just help commiserate with the career of being a writer.  Even if you aren’t a writer, I think you’d enjoy their humor and how they stay motivated doing something that is sort of thankless until much blood, sweat, tears are applied.  You know, like life.

4. QOTD Show by Sean Croxton.

QOTD stands for Quote of the Day.  Sean is a former health and wellness coach who has recently moved into general self-help and motivational coaching.  He has an established business with a large following and access to inspiring people, as well as being inspirational himself.  Every damn day that guy has a quote out.  And it’s always good.    Check it.

5. Sawbones by Dr McElroy and husband.

This one is out there.  But I love it because of the type of stories I write.  Plus, I always thought I could’ve been a doctor had I been more capable of memorizing things like the Periodic Table of Elements and such.  Too many concussions as a youth has hampered my ability to recall or remember things.  So, I live vicariously through shows like this (and watching Grey’s Anatomy, House, etc) where they discuss little-known as well as well-known diseases and health related issues.  It’s inspiring for those who write in the Crime/Mystery/Thriller genres.  You could so easily use an episode as a bouncing point for a story.

6. Crimetown by Sterling & Stuart-Pontier.

This is another one that gets my inspirational juices flowing.  Living in Chicago, with its rich history in corruption and crime, these kinds of stories are easy to come by.  But hearing that in modern times, there is literally corruption everywhere, in places you wouldn’t think, or happening right under our noses, is eye-opening and galvanizing.

7. Beautiful Stories from Anonymous People by Chris Gethard.

This podcast is amazing on so many levels.  Hosted by a comedian, he takes an anonymous caller and talks to them for an hour, about anything.  It will make you laugh, or cry or both.  But, at the end of it, most importantly, it will make you feel alive.  Check it out.

8. Welcome to Nightvale by Fink and Cranor (writers).

This is tongue in cheek at its best.  Or is it?  It’s this funky, conspiracy theory, crazytown podcast that takes place in the town of Night Vale, where everything you thought was make believe is real.  I just love listening to this for its out there thinking.  Very inspirational if you write in this genre.  It reminds me of some Charlaine Harris books. Sort of.

9. Invisibilia by NPR.

The show is off the rails interesting.  It talks about the invisible forces that affect our behavior, beliefs, and assumptions that make us human.  This one I binge listened to a couple of years ago and couldn’t get enough.  If you like open-minded discussions about life, take a listen.

What about you guys?  Have a favorite podcast you’d like to recommend?  I’m all ears! :>)  Leave a comment below.  I love reading your comments, so don’t be shy.

— KT


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9 Podcasts to Add to your Listening Routine
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