Global Warming

The weather has been crazy here in Chicagoland for the last 24 hours. There was so much rain that many are having to deal with flooded basements, 1st-floor apartments, and more. In the area where I live, we’ve had about 4” of rain in less than 24 hours. Surrounding areas have received as much as 10”! You read that right, INCHES! The crazy part is how most of it came in short bursts, through large storm cells dropping deluges of rain. The wind and lightning were incredible to witness, too. Could this be from global warming?

Imprompt Bookstore Run

So, what do I decide to do today with such weather looming about?  Take a walk, of course. I mean, in my defense, it wasn’t raining when I left. But, 20 minutes later, another storm cell passed overhead, causing many of us to run for shelter or embrace our inner Aquaman.  Fortunately for me, there was a large Barnes and Noble nearby. I’ve been on a simplicity kick lately, where I refuse to buy new books until I’ve read everything that currently sits unread on my shelves. Keeps the hoarding instincts at bay.

Magazines or Books

But this current practice does not include magazines! The vast number of magazine publications and the variety of topics always amaze me. There are so many glossy pages crammed together in racks and rows, each screaming, ‘Pick me, pick me!’  Not unlike books, I guess.  Somehow, they seem different, though. They tell stories differently, either through their pictures, advertisements, or just how columns are arranged in short, graphic novel-like clumps. Naturally, I purchased a few after flipping through many more while the rain quieted down enough for this non-superhero to walk home.

Favorite Activities

This rain got me thinking. What are my favorite things to do on a rainy day like today? Well, being an author, I LOVE to read. Thus, my number one is a no-brainer.

Read a Book.

Not just any old book. This is when I like to bring out a classic, like Sylvia Plath’s The Bell Jar. Or anything by John Steinbach. I have a massive tome that is a collection of Edgar Allan Poe’s work. That’s a good one, too, especially if it is particularly gloomy. Today was definitely one of those days.

Wander through a museum.

I’m pretty lucky to live in a large city with so many options for great art, history, and beyond.  When it’s not ideal weather-wise, and I need a break from my imagination, there is no better place to go people-watch and gather inspiration than one of the many museums here in Chicago. My favs are the Field Museum and Shedd Aquarium.


I know this sounds funny to some but obvious to others.  Much of our lives these days are about rushing to and from one obligation to the next. There is something about poor weather that just slows everything down a bit. Usually, I have a fair amount of pantry staples and fresh produce around. Often, I’m ashamed to say it goes to waste because I’ve opted for a quicker, more convenient meal plan. However, on rainy days, I pull out all the stops and make a gourmet feast. I even include dessert. Tonight’s menu included homemade fettuccini, from scratch alfredo sauce with shrimp, and in-season local vegetables. I even made a baguette of bread to sop up any lingering sauce and a small side salad for those in my family who can’t get enough veggies in their lives. For dessert, a s’mores pie, which consists of all the s’mores ingredients thrown together in a pie tin, bake for a few minutes until melty and golden brown.

A bonus.

Accompanying all that yummy food? Alcohol. No surprise, I guess. It’s especially useful when the windows in your house are rattling from the wind and thunder noises, and you are certain the tornado sirens are going to blast off at any second. I always make these crazy lists in my head of what I should grab as we head to the basement. Even though I know the only thing that is truly important is my family’s safety. Everything else is replaceable. Well, except for my extensive writing collection…

Gotta run and back up everything to the cloud!

— KTG.


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Rain, Rain, Go Away: 3 of My Favorite Rainy-Day Activities
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