Quarantine 2020

Hello, fellow quarantine-ers! I hope this finds everyone healthy. What strange times we are living in, am I right? Here in Chicago, the virus has hit hard. In the city itself, many things are at a standstill. Grocery stores are without essential items. If you do leave your home, the standard attire is bank robber chic, with masks and gloves. I saw one meme that said it was like Stephen King was writing this year so far! It certainly feels like it.

Social Distancing

Of course, the new buzz word is social distancing. Stay 6 ft apart from anyone that is not your immediate family member, and no congregating. Stay home unless it is essential you leave, including for work. The video chatting industry must be making a killing. I’m sure a few other sectors are profiting too, but many of us are struggling to survive without a means for income, and that is frightening. Hopefully, you have received or are about to receive your federal stimulus check!


Throughout this period, I’ve been equal parts productive and sloth-like. Lol. Some days, I can’t wait to get going and can write all day long. Other days, I just want to stay in bed and stream episodes of Ozark! 🙂 Through all of this, I have come to appreciate spending quality time with my children, admire their teachers more for their efforts with e-learning, and value of being able to pluck essential off the store shelves. Staying grateful for the things I do have, have kept me sane.

Reedsy Prompts

Another way of keeping productive is to participate in Reedsy’s weekly writing prompts. I wrote about these last month, so hopefully, you are familiar with them by now. Having a prompt to stretch me creatively has been helpful during this time, when all my thoughts are around eating, face masks, flattening the curve, and quarantine! This month, I’m posting another short story through their website for you to read.


This particular set of prompts were all about journaling. I wanted to write a story for each one, and have tucked some of them away in my idea folder for another time. I journal regularly and find it an excellent way to put down thoughts that I don’t necessarily want to share with anyone. It’s fun to look back at them years later and see what my concerns or celebrations were. And this is where the idea for this story came about. It centers around an unidentified young man. You discover him as he turns 12 and follow him for a few years, learning about his trials and tribulations growing up in middle America. You can find the story HERE. Please read, enjoy, and leave a comment! Don’t forget that your chance to win an Amazon $5 e-GC still stands whether you leave it here or there. And feel free to share the link! There are also other amazing authors on there too, so after you read mine, poke around the site to discover other short stories. Let’s be honest, you probably have the time to do so. Be well, my friends. xoxoxo – KTG.

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Reedsy Short Story: Story 17 – Captured Thoughts
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